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Girl alone at Bar

There is something about going to bars alone that satisfies me on a cellular level. This bar is empty. I walk in and ask the bartender what I should get because I don’t know any of the beers on the list. I pick a table in front of the TV. The Mariners game is on which just feels fated because I’ve decided that I’m going to try and keep up with baseball this season. He gives me an order of fries and I start jotting down blog ideas. My friend arrives an hour later. We go see 1984 at a little theatre down the street.

There’s something that should bother 45 about being compared to Hitler or 1984. Sometimes the only thing that gives me any peace of mind is knowing how shit will go down. I make sure to write about it in my journal just in case.

We joke about getting a cabin in the middle of nowhere in case this all goes south, except it’s not a joke.

I’m reading again, it’s happening!

Are you into books & movies & television? Follow me @sloughavenue on Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress! Recent favorites include the graphic novel The Sculptor, which I read in one sitting, and The End of Everything which I also read in one sitting. Equally enjoyable was The Wonder and The Grownup. I’m all about the dark and twisty so if you’re looking for something that makes you feel good about humanity, you’ve got the wrong girl. (Which reminds me, I still need to see 13 Reasons Why. 

New posts are being masticated

Om nom nom. On the schedule(!!) our three year anniversary of cohabiting and our four year anniversary of dating! Each will get their own special little post. Have a question about living together (and/or) dating that you’d like us to answer? Let me know!

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What I’ve been up to

Eating delicious things::

Loving on plants::

Hanging out in the sunshine::

Yeah, that’s my thumb. I’m embracing the imperfections.

xx st

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Weekly Update: Five Things Going On With Me

(1) Little Button is turning one in just over a month and I’m having a serious crisis about how much I love this cat. The other day I collapsed on the floor. “Why did we get this cat KNOWING ONE DAY SHE WOULD DIE?”  I read some nietzsche and I’m fine now but, man. 

(2) Portland is doing this Spring Fake out thing that it does once a year where it gets really beautiful and sunny and warm for one day and then everything goes to total shit. Don’t move to Portland if you have seasonal depression or probably regular depression either. I’m a big fan of the dark and the rain and even I’m starting to reach my limit.

(3) Every time we see a small child on the street we look at each other with this look that, within it, holds the whole of the universe. For me it’s sort of a sneaker wave like “all of your eggs are going to die and you’re going to be alone forever” whereas for him I think it’s more of a “that kid is cute you should be an uncle so you don’t have to take care of it.” I feel like we’re both at that age where we’re having to deal with feelings about children that neither of us really want to think about.

(4) Next month is our three years of cohabitation and four years of dating. I have a few posts in the works where we talk about the easy things and the hard things.

Have a question you want us to discuss? Let me know! 

(5) I subscribed to Teen Vogue and you should too. It’s $5.00 for a full year subscription and the quality of the writing and the content has skyrocketed. If you can’t afford the subscription, add their website to your reading list and check in daily. It is intersectional, it is current, it is fresh, and it is beautiful.

What’s new in your world? I really want to know. You’re not fine Brenda. Just stop saying you’re fiiiiiine Brenda. Drop it like it’s hot in the comments!
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