In The News

April 2018

The 2020 Census Will Count Same Sex Couples (Finally)

The census is collected once every ten years so the data will likely be more representative than 2010 – but it's still not enough.

The Strangest Things I Keep In My Sex Kit

Do you need a balaclava next to your dildo?

March 2018

Christiane Amanpour's New Series Explores Sex And Love All Over The World

Looking forward to checking this out and learning more about how sex is discussed (and had) across the world.

How Does Submissive Sex Work in the Age of #MeToo?

Simple: Even submissive sex requires consent. And it's super easy to tell the difference.

Landmark Report Concludes Abortion is Safe

More reports like this for women's health, please!

Michael Caine Won't Work With Woody Allen Again

Standing up for what he believes in with action. Caine makes a statement by choosing not to work with Allen.

Conservative Columnist Using #MeToo to advocate banning porn

Oh, yeah, banning porn. That's going to help. Thanks dude for your opinion. We'll take it into consideration.

Millions Join Strike in Spain on International Women's Day

Okay ladies, now lets get in formation.

Congratulations on your All Male Panel!

You should just follow this tumblr. How do we still have all male panels? Who is in charge of this? Get your panel together.