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Typical subjects include the big umbrellas of: sex, sexuality, gender, romance, life. I’m happy to branch out to discuss whatever interests – or bothers – you. Questions can be prompts, personal experiences, or general curiosities. I encourage all readers to post their questions anonymously to the form above.

A few things to know:

I answer all questions that are asked respectfully. There is no such thing as a stupid question. Don’t not know! All advice should be taken as my personal opinion. I’m not a professional, I’m not a sexpert. I’m also not a doctor. If you’re experiencing a health issue please see a doctor. The internet is not even a crude replacement for medical advice. Any and all advice is directed to those over the legal age of consent.

I’m only one voice in a sea of so many amazing writers. My writing is stinted by my bias and my experience. Posts written over a year ago may not represent my current thoughts or feelings. If you’re not learning and growing, you’re doing it wrong.

This is a safe space to discuss difficult or uncomfortable concepts. Because of that, blatant homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or harassment isn’t tolerated.

Courses I’ve taken that helped shape my writing:

Human Sexuality, Violence and Aggression, Sex and The State, Gender and Sexuality in the Workplace, Black Feminism/Womanism, Social Psychology, Hormones and Behavior, Principles of Behavior Analysis, Queer Studies, Philosophy of Sex and Love, Cognition, Psychopathology, Marriage and Intimacy, Evolutionary Psychology, Perception, Counseling, Sex and The Family, Psychology of Women, Non-Verbal Communication, Research Methods, Bodies, Power, and Places, Family Studies, Knowledge Values and Rationality, History of Sexuality, Class, Race, Gender and Sex in the United States, Gender and Sexualities, The Science of Women’s Bodies, Sexual Minority Youth at Risk, Neurophysiology, The Psychology of Men and Masculinity, The Sociology of Deviancy, Feminist Biblical Interpretation, Psychology of Motivation, Gender & Critical Theory, Feminist Analysis, Women, Activism, Social Change, Diversity in The Workplace, Transgender Studies, The Sex Industry, Gender & Body Image.

Related Experience:

I have taken trainings for both a Queer Resource Center and a Sexual Minority Youth at Risk Center. These trainings focused on identity, language, respect, and privacy. I spent two years working with a gender equity non-profit working to implement strategies that promote the equity for all women.

I wrote my senior thesis on the guilt women feel before, during, and after infidelity. I asked questions about heteronormative gender roles and how the expression of guilt is centralized on unfulfilled gender roles. I believe those who are unfaithful have stories that need to be shared in order to fully understand how or why infidelity happens. This is the only way to learn how to prevent it.

I have been voted into the top 100 sex bloggers through a peer review system every year since 2010.

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