How To Monetize Your Blog in 2018

how to monetize your blog

I’m interested in writing a blog and monetizing it so I could possibly help my boyfriend with our bills and have extra cash. What should I write about? What best way to start?

Monetizing a blog is actually something I am really bad at.

I’ve been writing this blog for over ten years and I still don’t make any money doing it. (Hold your groans.) I know it’s silly and that I should monetize it, but a lot of the ways people can monetize their blogs are moves I’m strictly avoiding. See: Ads, Sponsored Posts, Selling Stuff.

Monetizing a blog and being able to bring in enough money to help with the bills is a long term commitment and a full time job. You’ll need to have an understanding of how to make a website, and you’ll have greater odds of success if you know how to leverage things like social media marketing and SEO.

How you make money with your blog depends on what you’re interested in writing about. A fashion blogger, for instance, may become an affiliate with many clothing sites, earning a small portion of whatever money someone spends after clicking through from their site. They may also use ads (links or banners, for instance) or paid sponsored posts. Often times the blog is run in conjunction with Instagram or Twitter as a means to engage with their community and market their content.

If it sounds exhausting to you, you’re about where I am. Because I have another full time job, my blog remains (at least for the time being) a passion project.

Here are a few steps I’d recommend to monetize your blog:

  1. Think about marketing first – what is your branding? who is your target audience? how are you going to reach them? Does your name describe your business?
  2. Think about the platform you’ll build your blog on – does that platform allow you to sell products? does it allow you to have ads? work as an afficiliate marketer? Does it allow lots of customization?
  3. Consider your content – do you want to launch your blog with just one post, or do you want to build a heavy set of content prior to launching officially?
  4. Invest in your blog(!) I think one is more likely to follow through if they invest. Buy a domain, pay for hosting, maybe even pay a designer to make you a fresh logo. Invest your time into it by putting in a heavy dose of planning at the front.

I think the best thing to write about is what you’re passionate about and what you know about. That’s the writing that I enjoy reading the most because I can tell that the person is having a good time. I also learn something new from someone who lives what they’re writing about. Everyone can blog and everyone has something special to share.

To Monetize your blog, share your story

What’s the story – why do I care enough to read it? I’ve read really interesting blogs about subjects that seem at the surface level to be pretty boring subjects (I’m enthralled by a blog about pens, for instance.) The fashion bloggers I do follow are among a sea of thousands but they floated to the top because of something special: their writing, their passion, their engagement.

When you get people to care about your opinion, your story, that’s when you can start saying “hey – support me, support my site, do this thing.”      

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