7 Tips for Killin’ Your Career in 2018

2018 is Your Year

Doesn’t 2018 seem like the future? I mean, it’s literally the future. For a few more days, anyways. So why not say fuck resolutions and make some solid plans instead? The future is waiting.

Re-write your Resume

The best time to write your resume is when you don’t absolutely totally one hundred percent have to write your resume. Writing resumes is terrible flesh burning torture. It’s the same thing as filling out a dating profile. No one is going to read it anyways. A few tips for your fresh, brand new resume: (1) include a few accomplishments per job, (2) make sure that you use past-tense for every job you’re not currently working (3) don’t list basic, unspoken skills like “can type” or “knows how to use a computer” (4) gently tailor your resume for each job you’re applying for! You can frame one accomplishment to look good for two entirely different jobs.

Re-evaluate Your Current Job

Do you come home at night and cry? Do you feel trapped, under-valued, under-appreciated? The best time to look for a new job is while you already have a job. Now is the time to plan your exist strategy. Re-write that resume and start looking for something new. When I was looking for my last job I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but spending a few hours a day reading job descriptions helped me flesh it out.

Unhappiness isn’t the only reason you may want to look for a new job. Maybe you’re not advancing in your career anymore, maybe you’re not being paid fairly, or maybe you want to try something new!

Stop Applying For Jobs You’re 100% Qualfied For

Someone wise told me once that you should never apply for a job you’re 100% qualified for. You won’t learn anything, you’ll get bored, and you probably won’t be making as much money as you could.

It’s OK to find a job you’re super comfortable at and fully qualified for if that’s what you’re looking for. You can find new ways to improve that position/job by generating your own challenges. But for any other circumstance, a job that you’re slightly underqualified for can give you an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Express in the interview that you’re highly qualified for XYZ bullet points, but you aspire to learn XYZ on the job. Every interview should be two-sided – they’re interviewing you, but you’re interviewing them, too.

Find Your Power Outfit

You don’t need a lot of money to acquire the perfect power outfit. Spend a few hours cruising Pinterest looking at work outfits and then head out and see how the clothes fit and feel on your body. I’m still trying to figure this one out and my work wardrobe consists of a strong mix of Banana Republic work pants and beat up chucks.

Start Reading Up 

You don’t know what you don’t know! Sometimes reading books doesn’t teach me anything aside from how little I know about something. Head to the local bookstore and browse the general business section (or whatever more specific career path you’re on) to see what there is to know. You could learn a new skill, become empowered to have tricky conversations, or learn more about yourself and your interpersonal abilities.

Keep A List Of Your Strengths & Weaknesses

One thing I started to do at my new job was create a list of all of the things I was learning how to do (software! skills! management techniques!) so I could remember how far I’d come after a year. I’ve sort of dropped off of that (it’s like journaling, difficult to do on the daily) but what I did manage to get down thus far reminds me that I’ve been making progress. Keeping track of weaknesses also reminds me that there are still things I need to learn. It’s a marker of when and how to ask for help.

Ask For The Promotion & Make Your Intentions Known 

Your boss should know what your intentions are at your job. Transparency is good because it will get them what they want, and you what you need. If you want to learn more about XYZ, ask for their advice on how you can achieve it. You can even try this if you’re your own boss. Where do you want your business to go? How are you going to make it get there? Make a list and present it to yourself. Can you properly articulate how and why you want to hit those milestones? If not, maybe you’re not fully prepared to reach them yet.


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