Weekly Update: Why I Love Birthdays (And Hate Being Sick)

Fall hits hard in Portland

For the first time in what feels like a few years I’m actually sick. Fever, cold sweats, burning up, freezing cold, slightly delirious, and not at all interested in my nightly glass of red wine.

We’ve had one of the most beautiful falls in recent memory. Typically we’ll get a lot of rain or one big windstorm which causes all of the leaves to blow off at once and turn into a mush. This year the leaves had their good chance to fall and stay on the ground in miraculous piles of crunchy goodness.

Despite feeling pretty miserable right now, I’m still at my most happiest this time of year.

It’s dark, it’s grey, it’s wet, and the holiday season is looming. My birthday is in just one week (Nov 17) and Jason’s is one week later. We celebrate our birthdays, we celebrate the Oregon Civil War Football game, and then we celebrate a big thanksgiving dinner (or two) before dramatically slipping into Christmas with the cutting of our tree.

I love birthdays. I love birthdays so much. I’m young enough (about to turn 29) that I can still attribute my love for birthdays as “being young.” That’s something people older than me typically say to me when they’re 1) more weary than me 2) more jaded than me 3) feeling like dicks. But it’s true, I’m pretty young, and I’m still in that phase of my life where I just want to see whats next. All the time. I like this, give me more.

why I like birthdays so much, a short list:

  1. its literally a holiday just to celebrate you. get over yourself and blow the candles out.
  2. see point 1. you get cake. or whatever the fuck you want because its your birthday.
  3. you make the rules on your birthday. just say ‘but its my birthday’ as a clause following any statement.
  4. snail mail. while this decreases the older I get, I still like getting birthday cards in the mail.
  5. its kinda like new years eve. i get that rush of a fresh start. a new year.
  6. those people who come out of the cracks in the floor to say “happy birthday!” on the internet even though you haven’t talked to them all year and probably wont again until its their birthday.
  7. who are these people. seriously. do you want to be my friend or not.
  8. gift wrap. i know its bad for the environment. im imperfect.
  9. champagne.
  10. looking back at the last year of my life and thinking “what did 28 mean to me”

Ultimately I like birthdays because I like holidays and I like celebrating life and things. You really get valentines day and the fourth of july and then not much until halloween so when my birthday rolls around its like seeing a sweet sweet pond of joy in an otherwise dark valley of dread.

With any luck this cold will be totally gone by tomorrow so I can officially kick off birthday month with all my other november babes. (which is about half of the people I know.)

Hope November is treating you right,

xx, st

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