NEED ADVICE? Ask Now! Free, Anonymous, Quick.

At the core of is my advice column. I wanted to be sure my readers knew that this piece of my blog is here to stay as it is and always will be.


Need advice? Want to learn more about a particular topic? Submit anonymously 24/7 and I will answer on my site!

Common submissions cover these popular topics: sex, sexuality, gender, love, infidelity, relationships, communication, career, personal growth.

Need advice on something else? I can help – or connect you to someone who can!

Submission can be phrased like a question:

  • My partner and I keep fighting, what should we do?
  • What is the best kind of lubricant?
  • Where can I learn more about applying for jobs?
  • What are your favorite books on communication?
  • I’m experiencing pain during sex, what’s wrong?

Submission can be phrased like a prompt:

  • Write more about infidelity
  • Talk about sex toy materials
  • A post about feminist writers

Need advice? Want a third-party opinion? Don’t not know.



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