Weekly Update: Everything Halloween

Earlier this week we saw Train to Busan which is on Netflix right now. Hot damn does South Korea know how to make a horror movie. It was supremely creepy but also had plot and made me cry without being actually so terrifying that I felt uncomfortable watching it.

Quick plot: zombie outbreak, train, neglectful father must prove himself to his young daughter. I thought I was over and done with zombies but this movie proved me wrong somehow.

We went and got Pumpkins and it was great. I’ve been roasting vegetables as much as humanly possible. I never thought I’d be the girl guiltily hovering over the stove trying to eat the leftover broccoli and brussel sprouts but this is my life now.

Quick tip: cut up all the veggies you have in the fridge (I like broc, carrots, brussels, and some butternut squash if you have the patience), toss some sliced onions on top. Douse it in olive oil and salt and pretty much just leave in the oven at 425 until it looks the slightest bit burnt on the tops. Usually ~30-45 minutes.

My job is getting insanely hectic and I like pretty much every single second of it. I know this because I don’t have to be there until 10am but I show up around 8-9am every day so I can get started sooner. Managing projects satisfies all the little curious pieces of me that require order and organization. I also get to take public transportation to work now which, while a bit of a pain some days, allows me to remember on the daily that I live in Portland. 

Boyfriend is one month into his graduate program and kicking butt and I am proud of him. That’s all there is to say for this bullet point. Pretty straight forward.

I’ve challenged myself to read one book per day for as long as I can. If you stay in touch on sloughavenue.wordpress.com you’ll hopefully see some updates there soon. I’m just over a week in now and it’s a huge pain in the ass. I can say that I’ve been happier in the last week taking some distance from the computer when I’m not at work. I also find I’m following books better reading them in one sitting. The plot feels richer. I’m able to retain more of the storyline.

We fully re-watched Stranger Things Season 1. Have you? I’m ready for my eggos.

ITS KINGPALOOZA OUT THERE RN YOU GUYS! Pick up a copy of Steven & Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties and prepare yourself for Joe Hills latest book Strange Weather coming out next week!

You know where I’ll be.

That’s all.

ps. Got this sweatshirt. No regrets. Maximum pumpkin comfort 24/7. Will be wearing out of season. That’s just how we pumpkin around here.

How are you celebrating this fall and halloween season?

Find more on my Fall To Do List for this year!

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