When To Say I Love You

when we moved your mattress out of your apartment it got stuck on the stairs

and I looked at you and said that one day we’d find this funny

and I still remember the look on your face because we were already halfway down

and when we made it outside, it started raining

so I sat in the bed of the moving truck and laughed

and told you to sit next to me

and the canvas of my shoes got wet

and my hair got all frizzy.

we’d just been dating for six months when we held hands on that same old walk

still in that phase, you know, exploring each others palms likeĀ fortune tellers

and I said “when you want to move in with me, I’m ready”

and you said “I think I’ll end my lease early”

and we rationalized the cost of


ending your lease

that trip to ikea

those new appliances

because when you say something out loud and it sounds right

when it just sounds like the thing you’re going to do

the perspective changes and

everything flips all upside down, you know

what used to be down is up and what used to be up is down

and I think that’s love

that dizzy feeling I get when

you dance in the kitchen

or read me harry potter

or call the cat pet names, we both answer.


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