Three Practical Adult Gifts Every Human Needs

one: beads

Did you know you can work your kegels while you do your accounting or listening intently in your next meeting? Luna Beads – $59.00 An alternative to ben wa balls, these beads will help you strengthen your vaginal wall!

Kegels are awesome for being able to squeeze with great power, but they can also come in handy during orgasm. Flex them to delay an orgasm, or flex them during an orgasm to draw out the number of spasms. Now that’s just practical.

two: books

Talking to teens (and kids) about sex, pleasure, and safety in general can create a positive reverb across the country. Better health and safety, less unintended pregnancy, generally happier people. Nothing more practical than learning how to talk about sex. Nothing more practical than studying up for yourself so you know how to talk about it.

S.E.X by Heather Corinna – $18.00

I love me some Heather Corinna, and you will too. I’ve had this book out from the library for 32 renewal cycles because I just can’t stop referring to it. It’s probably time I pick up my own copy too.

three: lube

Let’s call lubricant a form of preventative care. Preventative care, talk about practical. Try the favored brand Good Clean Love’s new CBD lubricant to reduce inflammation and get that “long lasting glide.”

Good Clean Love CBD Lube – $20.00

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