Blogger Desk: My New Anatomy Prints

A couple of months ago I saw these prints on the Duvet Days Instagram and I had to have them. I’m a complete sucker for anything that combines floral and anatomy. (As noted in the floral brain anatomy up top c/o s/c 💞)


Duvet Days was created to support those “affected by rape and domestic abuse, using design to create awareness, self discovery, and a space for self-love.” You can read the whole story here. I chose the clitoris, menstrual cycle, vulva and uterus designs and made prints.


They’re an instant conversation piece for anyone who comes over and notices we finally hung something new on the wall (okay, and the fact that you can see that vulva from across the room.) And the best part is they’re Button approved, she hasn’t tried to knock them off the wall once. That’s a strong endorsement.


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