Weekly Update: This is Fine

First things first – everything I ever said about writing down clean and concise notes to “refer to later” whilst blogging is complete bullshit.

I’m sitting down to get some stuff out and my notes are leg spread between evernote, text edit, notes, wunderlist, and three different notebooks. It is a nightmare. 

Two and a half months ago I started working in web design as a marketing assistant. Two weeks ago I moved into a project management role. One week ago I got my first client, and now I have three. I’m signing on my first salary tomorrow morning and two weeks from now I’m going on my first out-of-state client trip. I have an alert on my phone that reminds me to brush my teeth. There are moments of peace and quiet with the muffled screaming of the tasks I’m ignoring, stuffed under the couch.

I am learning so much and doing so much that I can actually feel my cells being rewritten in these small moments of discomfort.

My boyfriend starts his master of business program this year. I am fully prepared for life to resemble the doctor who intro, just blue whooshy spirals, spinning, spinning, spinning. We attended a night out at his school and the highlight of the event was an hour long panel of couples who had previously been in the program. The whole thing was about to support your partner when they’re stressed out and busy all the time. More on this in another post.

This week was burger week in Portland. Forty or so businesses across the metro area gather together in spirit of $5 burgers. I realized that when you give yourself psychological permission to eat 1-2 burgers per day, it’s just not as fun anymore. The joy in the tacos, the pizza, the burgers, the hot wings, comes from scarcity. When you only get them every now and then, you feel like you’re being rewarded. When you get them every day on the routine, you feel like you’re being plumped up for consumption. I only had two, the whole week.

Yesterday we went and opened our first checking/savings account together. It feels good and exciting to budget in a shared account, save in a shared account, work towards new and exciting things together. I feel like I should have something more substantial to say about that. I’m mostly just glad to finally have a debit card that has a chip in it. Welcome to 2017, bitches.

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