Tackling the Gross of Menstrual Cups

Sometimes I write about something and I get kind of worked up about it. Like, why isn’t anyone else writing about this? And so I keep writing about it and then I get kind of irritated with myself. I don’t want to be the menstrual cup girl. Maybe someone out there does want to be the menstrual cup girl.

I digress, I think it’s important. I also think writing about it is difficult.

We are a culture of snap-judgements and one of my snap-judgements was menstrual cups. I thought they were gross and the only people I saw using them were crunchy. (See: A little bit of a hippy.)

I’ve spent nearly two decades using tampons. I think the statistic is that most menstruating people use the same method of menstrual product that their mother or other parental figure used. Once you’ve got a system it’s hard to go off of it. And let me tell you how much I loved smooth glide plastic applicator tampons. I had a hierarchy in my head of menstrual products and I apologize in advance for being a huge dick about it.

Cloth Pads: Once the blood leaves my body I never want to deal with it or see it ever again and this cloth pad thing is not super making me trust that my clothes won’t be covered in uterine lining.

Pads: Literally diapers for blood except you can smell the blood all day and if I’m anywhere near a bear I’m probably going to be murdered.

Tampons without applicators: You mean it’s normal in other countries to shove your finger into your bloody vagina multiple times per day even though you don’t technically have to?

Tampons with cardboard applicators: Literally satan.

Scented tampons: Cancer?

Tampons with plastic applicator: Totally great, almost makes periods fun!

Menstrual cups: If you live in the forest and drink your own breast milk and also maybe knit clothing out of your cats hair.

If you’ve missed previous posts about menstrual cups and why I decided to give it a shot in the first place, it was because I hate seeing this judgemental kind of a bitch side of myself. If a lot of people deeply appreciate something and I’m so adamently against it without even trying it, there’s probably something wrong with me. Go go trial phase. Major success.

I ordered the Lena Cup from Amazon and it completely changed my life. Perhaps this strange and somewhat offputting love for something people don’t like talking about is what deters people from trying it. Everyone I know who has tried it, hasn’t gone back. Knowing that before trying it can be kind of intimidating. Change is hard.

There are a lot of misconceptions about menstrual cups and if you have any questions I’d love to chat more about it. Submit your questions today and I’ll answer them on my blog. [SUBMIT HERE]

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  1. I switched to the diva cup a couple of years ago and wish I had done it sooner!! I also use re-usable pads for the lighter days when I don’t feel like I need the cup. My skin used to get irritated if I wore regular pads for an extended time and that is no longer an issue with re-usable ones. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was making the switch! I’m glad you tried it have had a positive experience.

  2. I’m about to grab cloth liners. Since I cloth diapered I figure I can handle it wash routine wise. I do want to try a cup too.

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