PicoBong is 20% Off! Ooooh.

If you weren’t totally enticed by my last toy post (I get it, change is scary) here’s something a little more traditional.

PicoBong toys are 20% off on SheBop until May 31. The toys available through SheBop right now are all minimalistic in style, made with a smooth silicone. They run on AAA batteries.

If you’re looking to up your toy game, here’s a footstool.

On another note, PicoBong has the weirdest name and weirdest marketing I’ve ever seen. At first glance it looks like they might actually be selling pool toys. Whatever floats your boat – har har.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Are you a silicone convert? What about wood, metal or glass? Ditch the hard plastic or jelly, you’ve got options!


She Bop: a female friendly sex toy boutique for every body

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