My Summer To-Do List

I read the other day that people bullet journal as a form of treatment for their anxiety and I was going to respond but my fingers were all covered in ink and I was having a serious moment with my copic pen. I guess what I’m saying is I can relate. When I buy a new journal I feel as though I’ve attended church in my Sunday best. Writing whatever you want to write on actual paper can feel a little startling in a world that is rapidily breaking down into upvotes and downvotes and likes and dislikes.

When I write something on paper the only person who knows its there is me.

And my echo dot, if I recite it out loud. She told me she’s a feminist; I’m not concerned about any feminist overlords.

Similarly, list-making brings me to utter zen. Is this what people feel like when they get stoned? Like, really stoned? Because this Leuchtturm 1917 is going to make me come.

What I’m going to do this summer (also known as: “the 2017 resolutions that actually happen”)

  • Be a bridesmaid for the first time ever because of one my very best friends asked me and obviously yes.
  • Travel to Canada (because the wedding is in Vancouver and I love Vancouver, it’s like upside-down Portland)
  • Go camping so many times that I finally justify to myself that I no longer need to use the coleman sleeping bag that I was given as a child.
  • Buy one new plant and not kill it (there are only about three plants cats arent allergic to, so that will give me some exciting choices.)
  • Go to the nude beach so many times that when the summer is over I can say “when we went to the nude beach…” and my partner has to ask “wait which time?”
  • Go on at least one Sunday Park way ride (A Portland Special where they shut down neighborhoods to cyclists.) Sidebar: Naked Bike Ride.
  • Host more than one game night. At least one outdoors. With BBQ and beer.
  • Go on a slip and slide. I don’t know where or how. I’ve been in Portland since 2009 and I’m just now realizing that this is kind of a big city problem. Where do city kids slip and slide?
  • Dye my hair, I think. I’m really non-commital about this one. It was like getting my ears pierced, finally, in 2014. I knew I should probably try it eventually and I knew I’d probably like it but there was nothing wrong with my ears the way they were so it took a little convincing to try it out. Of course I love it.
  • Buy more watercolor paper. This should technically be on my shopping list. Sorry.
  • Go from June-September without missing a snail mail birthday card. If I missed your birthday, I’m sorry! I don’t love you any less. I mean, technically I guess I kind of do because some people did get cards and some didn’t. But it’s me, not you.
  • Find “How to Love” wherever it slipped and fell in our bedroom and start reading it every night before bed again. Hashtag relationship satisfaction hashtag cuddle vibes.
  • Volunteer. Maybe not an official volunteer position. Maybe just like volunteer to go get the beer when we run out.
  • Actually volunteer.
  • Wear sunscreen every day because skincare is important and I can still freckle even if I’m wearing 50spf.
  • Find a pair of flippity flops that I like (sidebar: get a killer pedicure.) Also my shopping list, sorry.
  • Go see Portugal, the man at our favorite outdoor venue, get drunk, eat fries, watch the stars from the grassy knoll and feel alive.
  • Go outside more, in general.
Whatcha doing this summer? j/c.


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