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Welcome to r/relationships advice, condensed. Where I give advice based on the title of r/relationships submissions without actually reading the submission!

Q: Am I [19 M] being crazy to stop seeing her [20 F] because I feel like another option?

A: You’re not crazy! Just because someone is a good fit for you doesn’t mean they are the best fit, or the only fit.

Q: My childhood friend and SO (30s) just adopted their SIXTH cat

A: This isn’t a question, but congratulations, I’m sure they’re very happy.

Q: Is it ok for me [F/28] to initiate the “exclusivity/what are we” talk with him [M/28] via text?

A: It’s best to avoid having milestone conversations by text. Meet in person. If you have any thoughts that didn’t get fully processed, you can send him a little email or text message after the fact.

Q: I (25F) hurt my grieving boyfriend (24M) and I’m at a loss for what to do now

A: It’s hard to know how to help a partner who is grieving. It’s okay that you made a mistake. Just do better next time.

Q: I [28f] have lost several relationships by blowing up and verbally lashing out in anger. Those who have had this problem, what did you do to fix it?

A: I haven’t had issues with anger but we can all empathize with ongoing, negative patterns. Talk to a therapist and see how you can change these negative ways of communicating with your partner.

Q: I’m [39 M] living with my girlfriend [38 F] of 17 months, with her Husband[39 M] living in the basement. Should I move?

A: You should start your own sitcom and pitch it to Fox.

Q: Can a 32 year old guy date a 21 year old woman?

A: Certainly.

Q: I (M/35) can’t help but feel like I’ve settled for my wife (f/27) and it’s ruining our relationship.

A: Figure out where the settling feeling is coming from. It may have more to do with you and your feelings about yourself and what your life should look like than what your wife is or isn’t doing.

Q: Me [24f] with my friend/fwb [25M] of 6 years, should I ask him out or continue to act like I care less than I do?

A: Don’t live the lie anymore. Take the risk of asking for what you want and know for certain if he feels the same way.

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