Tap Tap, this thing on?

I got a formal letter from my insurance company. They say they will no longer pay for me to come to therapy once a week. I am “more motivated and more assertive” and have shown “a substantial amount of progress.” It was seven pages long. If I could afford it, I would turn it into terrible shets of fondant*  – thin slices of sugary paper that essentially equate to that’ll do pig.

With a small army, I’ve managed a relaunch of my website. I won’t really know for sure if all the bits and pieces are working until I hit submit on this. Will any of my email subscribers get the email in their inbox? Will it push to Twitter without throwing an error? Is my font face set right? What about my social sharing optimization? Well, one thing I’m finding. I’ve got to install a spellchecker. This is a hot. mess. I’ve taken a lot for granted.

Chances are you don’t notice too much different. I’m now self-hosting. I stuck with the same theme. I tweaked it a bit to fit my color scheme. I like my color scheme. It’s not too masculine, it’s not too feminine, it’s not too dungeon master, but it’s not too fluffy marshmellow.

Aww little fella!

Self hosting also means that I can now say confidently that ~*~*~*~I am an affiliate with SheBop~*~*~*~*~ and you should buy things from SheBop because *~*~*~*~I get 15% of whatever you spend if you use this link. (THIS LINK: http://www.sheboptheshop.com/#partner=suggestive) Click it, buy it, techno-lo-gic.

What else, what else. I’ve been busy. Like I said in my last post, I’m a little bit in the upside down. I’m writing posts in documents (except this one) which means I promise I’m actually writing things but they’re just not here. Which I agree,  basically means they don’t exist. You can follow me for updates on this process on instagram (@speakwithast) or twitter (@suggestive). The links for both live at the bottom of this page. Along with more links to SheBop. And a Patreon page. I sort of slipped that link in there and don’t really want to talk about it yet. I’m a buggy before horse kinda girl.

Which reminds me, the main reason I’m writing is to announce with glee that I have a brand new web submission form available on my ask suggestive page. Your questions get sent straight to my inbox and will give me a little “ding!” as they slip into my queue. Need advice about sex? love? Have a subject you’d like to see on the blog? As I work towards my official reboot day (see: March) now is a great time to get your submissions in the box. Let’s battle the growing weariness of the world with comprehensive education and determined kindness.

If you have email subscribed, I gently and humbly request that you save my blog in your browser and visit it every so often. Take a moment to slow down and engage, comment,  and view the posts in the format they were meant to be viewed in. (If your workplace hasn’t blocked my website, which is a grab bag.)

Be back soon, xx st

* All fondant is terrible.

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