Erotic Friendships

No red flags so far BUT she’s 26 and I’m 49. We’re both queer, communicative and seen as emotionally intelligent by one another. See any issues with a mutually-beneficial erotic friendship?

No issues pop out at me, aside from the fact that you’re asking! It might be that you’ve internalized some issues that might later open up as wounds. I would ask yourself if you hold any preconceived notions about your own relationship. Maybe these are things you’ve been concerned about in the past or maybe these are things that other people have, frustratingly, shoved into your conscious. If you find any such notions, ask yourself if you’ll be able to let them go. If you can’t let them go – you might not be able to fully enjoy the experiences you’re going to have together.

Aside from this I would focus on strengthening those communicative bones to create the foundation of your erotic friendship. You’ll form the basics, if you haven’t already. Whether or not you’re monogamously seeing one another (even as friends)! – how you’ll handle safety – and other potential boundaries. Everyone does it differently so as long as you’re on the same page and continue to evaluate that, you’re right as rain!

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