Gay Chips are Sin

Doritos to create multi-color chips in partnership with It Gets Better (if there’s one thing that will make your crippling familial abuse better it’s knowing there are rainbow chips!)

Here are some of my favorite comments on the matter:

  • Well no more Doritos for our family. They join Starbucks and Target. Who is the maker of Doritos, I’ll boycott the whole lot of em.
  • hell no! being gay or lesbian is a sin!
  • How about blue Doritos to support the police officers being hunted by the BLM racist movement?
  • They should of done this for the kids not gay people I am still upset that they use a childrens colorful rainbow messes up everything they should use PINK or BLUE for LGBT community so if I like raiinbows people will think I am gay this is crazy
  • Cashing in. Do they have ISIS Doritos in Syria?
  • Oh goodie. Now we can waste time matching our outfits and nail polish with our doritos. Which transvestite thought this was a nifty idea?
  • hashtag godpride
  • So tired of this being shoved in our faces….
  • How about RED WHITE AND BLUE!!! How stupid Doritos.. I will npt buy or eat them!
  • I think it’s great, however where does it end? do we have kosher chips? nazi chips? chips with the virgin mother on them? for the love!
  • Will Doritos make a bag for those of us who are pro hetrosexual? I mean really, if we’re going to celebrate a person’s sexuality, it’s ony fair,right? SMH
  • Why can’t they do something like this for our MILITARY and Veterans HMMMMMM??? This LGBT thing is going a bit far. Yes ok, good for them, they get their equality now, that is fine yes, I am happy for them. Love is love, no matter the gender. But do you see the rest of the world pushing as hard core as the LGBT community has? I don’t mean to be a bitch here, but seriously. When is it going to be enough to make them happy? There are other serious issues in this world people are struggling with too, how about CHILDHOOD CANCER awareness. Did you know 14,000 children a MONTH are diagnosed with cancer? And that the survival rates for childhood cancer are terrible? Because there is a SERIOUS lack of funding for them. Why not start bringing awareness to other issues in this world too, good grief, this is ridiculous.
  • Seriously? This is getting out of control. Who cares who’s gay or not. Just be yourself. This has become a bandwagon. Do you see me marching down the street announcing my straight pride? No. Why? Cause its no ones business but my own. I’m just going to start announcing my straight pride and not care who it annoys.
  • Well, make some that are white, black, and brown to support all the poor whites, blacks, and Hispanics gunned down by law enforcement every year. Until then, you can keep your bias to yourself, Frito-Lay.
  • I’m not sticking anything queer in my mouth. I’ll be switching brands.
  • I would not eat them. Who knows where they’ve been.
  • For crying out loud . let’s change the flag too . just plain silly nonsense
  • his is not a joke = I just called Frito Lay……and by the way, these will be given out for FREE……….I asked Frito Lay if they have ever made a PINK chip for Breast Cancer? NO………ever made a colored chip in honor of any other group of people? NO………I wish no ill will toward any group of people, but this is not right and I have purchased my last Frito Lay product.
  • will u get aids for eating it?
  • Hey Lays….stick em up your ass. You’d probably get off on that !!!!
  • I have a question. What does the rainbow (which by the way was God’s promise to us that he would never again flood the world) have to do with l g b t? Why can’t they go get their own symbol?
  • whay do they taste like?…cum?
  • What’s next? Muslim doritos? Pork free pork rinds? How about tortilla chips just for hindus? Or just for catholics? Or corn chips made just for minors? How about an exclusive party mix just for rioters and looters? Or for the all lives matter movement? Where does this end? It doesn’t. We have passed the point of no return. The end is coming. FAST. Have a nice day.
  • fuckin faggots
  • No thanks. The obsession with LGBT stuff is ridiculous. They’re trying too hard to push this shit on people who don’t want to be a part of it and have strong opposition to it.
  • ughh, just go back in the closet.
  • What more do gay people need to accomplish, though? Transforming the snack market?
  • so fucking pointless……Gay Marriage is legal now, so the opportunity to cash in on homosexual plights isn’t quite as viable as it used to be. Stop wasting your time & money!
  •  hope next year to see GOLDEN Doritios for pediatric cancer awareness!!! The more we call attention to race (in the 60’s) now sexual relationships, the more it draws attention, then letting them be considered a normal part of our every day life. Just as their is parades for being Irish, Black, Gay, Jewish, Christian, ect. Try focusing on supporting those children with cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, chronic heart defect. PS – many people love rainbow colors who are straight.

To summarize: People feel concerned that they can’t love rainbows anymore and why can’t there be Doritos for pediatric cancer awareness/bird flu/my cats diabetes/stubbed toes/white pride/etc.

Just remember America, marriage equality was like the first time your baby makes a little farting sound with its mouth. You cheer and draw in close and hug and smile and then you realize that little farting sound was just the start of the next 20 years of accomplishments you have to stay up all night to help it achieve.

Gay marriage. A tiny little fart sound in the universe of equality.

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  1. While I don’t eat Doritos, as a matter of health, the number of brain-dead comments above makes me think the chemicals in the junk food did their damage long ago. I love rainbows in the sky, and gladly share them with gay folks, or whoever.

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