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call it the bechdel wallace test

Bechdel also attributes the idea, more broadly, to Virginia Woolf—who, in A Room of One’s Own, remarked, “All these relationships between women, I thought, rapidly recalling the splendid gallery of fictitious women, are too simple”—and that the women of literature, contrary to the living, breathing, complex women of real life, are almost always depicted only “in their relation to men.”

st says – I try not to think of the Bechdel too much because I’d never get to watch any movies.

what us worry? ashley madison says it added over 100k users last week

Women sent in excess of 2.8 million messages on the Ashley Madison platform last week alone, company executives said, even as the company provided no details on how many messages were sent from male accounts and made no assurances that the female messages weren’t generated by automated scripts.

st says – But I mean this isn’t the first instance of someone ending up profoundly happy because of a computer, just look at the movie Her. Come on, doesn’t more JP look so happy?


nonprofits: equity must begin within

We cannot justify our lack of internal diversity by hiding behind a commitment to equitable outcomes. Too many nonprofit organizations and foundations cover their annual reports with photos of children and families of color while the photos in the back of their board and staff leadership are predominantly white. They obviously find no irony or discomfort in publicizing this.

st says – I took a class on diversity in the workplace and the general message from the course was that high diversity makes for a greater company. Try to apply this knowledge to all aspects of life in the friends you meet and keep.

young women should get credit for their feminism

A new generation of young feminists who came of age online are tremendously more informed than their internet-less predecessors. Whereas women my age and older were lucky to hear nominal mention of the feminist movement during women’s history month at school – the likes of Susan B Anthony and Gloria Steinem – all young women and girls today need to do is log on to Tumblr or do a Google search and all of feminism is at their fingertips: blogs and Twitter accounts, memes and YouTube channels. Within moments, young people can watch a talk between bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry or take part in an online protest.

st says – Age should never be a barrier to great intelligence and fresh ideas.



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