Weekly Update: January is Hot

Seriously, it’s hot. It’s been resting in the mid-50s in Portland which is obscene. I want rain, I want gray, I want wind, I want snow, I want winter. The cool and harsh shift of sky plates that bring forth my sweet internal miseries.

Well, whatever. This is what I’ve been up to. It’s mostly food. Sorry.

I threw a mean girls party, complete with hot pink solo cups, a fluffy pink cake, and my own little burn center book. (In which we write positive things about one another, because, apparently, I’m a hippy.) I got to use my kitchenaid mixer to make this delicious hunk of sugar and I can’t wait to try more cake baking soon!

I finally got to use my genital pasta from my good friend T. She traveled all the way back from Italy with this, where she had purchased them from a small child working the shop. I boiled them and turned them into macaroni and cheese.

We picked up a spiralizer recently and I’ve been spiraling the shit out of everything I can find. The general goal here is to convince myself that vegetables are fun and capable of diversity. Mild success.

We also are the proud owners of a brand new vintage record player! This has sent me into a haze of vinyl, and appreciation for all things music. I’m so stoked to build up a little collection of records that suits my music taste. (Not death, probably more like Sufjan Stevens, CCR, Childish Gambino.)

Hope you’re all well,


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    1. I did make two noodle dishes by boiling quickly. I have a spiralizer cookbook on hold at the library so I’m excited to try more well articulated recipes!

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