Tiny Penis Jokes Aren’t Feminist

1. Penis jokes re-establish the gender binary, with the assumption that all men have penises in the first place.

2. Penis jokes make the wrongful assumption that pleasure and power are tied to large penises.

3. Tying pleasure and power to large penises has direct correlation to many of the things women complain about on the internet, like how many “Do you want to see my big dick?” OkCupid messages have you gotten?

4. It ties the worth of a human being to a physical aspect of their body, something unchangeable. Many men struggle with image issues surrounding their genitalia resulting in unsafe pills and prescriptions they don’t need.

5. Feminism is about equality, not bringing men down to bring women up.

I’m all too guilty of making “looks like he has something to make up for” jokes. I think it’s important that people are aware of how they are contributing to the emotional stress that many men have about size. I don’t think it contributes to female empowerment when we put down men. Not to mention, every time a joke about tiny penises are made, we are enforcing this strange idea that giant penises somehow have more worth established to them. This is not sex-positive.

Just a reminder to be more cognizant of how you’re contributing to this conversation and to try to move away from the demoralizing jokes. Love your bodies, and encourage others to do the same.

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  1. Thanks, and well put. Although I gotta say I’m a little disappointed to read that you’ve been guilty of making that sort of joke, especially as you seem to be one of the nicer feminists out there. Now, I’ll put a question to you- what are you going to do in your daily life from now on in to make up for it? Actively call your friends out when they do it? Bring up cock-shaming when you’re next having a conversation about body image? Tell guys that they absolutely owe nothing to women in the genital department and that their penises are absolutely fine, whatever shape or size they happen to be? All would be acceptable. I’m 100%l for body positivity in women but I absolutely can and will not put up with people, male or female, exacerbating a societal problem which has made many men, young and old, insecure, depressed, even suicidal.

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