Weekly Update: What I’m Doing and What I Wish I Were Doing

I have never been so overwhelmed with a term as I have this one. I can feel college slipping through my fingers like a waxed up memory. It’s almost gone, it’s almost over, and instead of a glorious victory all I can think about is everything I did wrong. What a downer. I am simultaneously ready to begin step two of adulthood and crying and asking my college professors if I can stay a little longer.

School aside, fall has been busier than ever. Two of my online friends came to visit me in the month of October which was a blast. I love getting to meet people all over the world (and see them every now and then, too!) I finally feel like I know whats going on in Football which is awesome because now I can read critical articles about the sport and feel like I can actually interpret them. (Just to relate it to feminism, I guess. The croissant wrapped hot dogs and boys in tight booty pants are pretty good too.)

We got to see two great documentaries this past month which I would highly recommend if anyone is interested in music. The first was on Elliott Smith called Heaven Adores You and the second was on Shovels and Rope called The Ballad of Shovels and Rope. I also finally saw Obvious Child which was perfectly hilarious and solidified my crush on Jenny Slate.

Our apartment is decorated in all things pumpkin and fall smelling. This week marks the start of November (both my birthday, and Jason’s birthday, and my best friends birthday, and at least two thanksgiving dinners, lord I better hit the gym.)

Here are some photos that happened in the time I wasn’t here.

What’s new with you?

My weekly stack of reading papers. This stack focuses on burqas, fashioning race, femininity in contemporary china, blogs and fashion, global feminisms, and fashion in cambodia. (Save me.)

We were going to get coffee and a dainty scone but then I was like fuck that lets get some real people food so we went to Kenny and Zukes. If you’re in Portland just give up, this is always the right choice.

Fig A. Pumpkin of homeless variety. Seeking loving home. “Please don’t carve holes in me!” it shouts, before you walk away, finding a more handsome pumpkin. (I left with six and I closed my eyes running away from them so I wouldn’t see any more I wanted.)

Fun fact: I get to class at least 30 minutes early every day but almost never raise my hand. I am only 1/3 Granger.

I went to a basic party where everything was flavored pumpkin spice and infinity scarves went on and on and on.

Fig B: Jason brings the most wonderful smelling flowers home. I fall to the floor and start crying and then bury my nose in them like a honey bee. Also in photo: the owls we bought on a caffeine high while walking through Powells. The teacup and ornamental flowers my friend got me a couple years ago. Best for dainty tea sipping when I want to appear refined.

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  1. I will be back in Portland next May, if for no other reason than a Powell’s fix- and a nice two-day stop en route to a meeting in Seattle.
    My life for the next little while will be spent here in the Southwest-mostly AZ, some Cali, New Mexico and maybe Las Vegas for a day or two.
    November is also my birth month, bd falls on Black Friday this year.

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