QOTD: Reproductive Health AKA Your Uterus is Overpopulating the World

Clearly, reproductive health is an extremely important part of medical care, but should it be the centerpiece of a woman’s health strategy? As Indian public health analyst Imrana Qadeer writes, the current concept of reproductive health “is not necessarily pro-women, only women-centered.” It puts too much focus on women as mothers and reproducers, neglecting the other aspects of their lives such as their health in childhood and old age and debilitating illnesses like malaria and tuberculosis. – “Changing Faces of Population Control” by Betsy Hartmann

This quote is from a reading in my Women, Activism, and Social Change course. The reading emphasizes the issues with using the term female empowerment as a sneaky way of saying you shouldn’t reproduce, here, have some birth control or some sterilization so your sexual freedoms don’t cause overpopulation and doom us all. (Anyone familiar with this issue will know there are several offshoots of this, like forced sterilization, the reality of population growth, intersections of race and sex, and the complexities of female health in general.)

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