Satisfaction in Hetero-Monogamy

Some time ago I believe you indicated you enjoyed a bi -sexual life style. Since then I believe you have formed a more permanent relationship with a man. Do you or would you entertain a bi sexual affair now since moving in with your man.?

Thanks for the question! Bisexuality is the easiest way to describe my sexuality to other people because it is a quick and easy way to say I am not entirely heterosexual.

In reality, I would consider myself much more flexible than anything else. Using the Kinsey Scale I would identify myself as a 2 – predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual. To me this means that I would willingly engage in experiences that were same sex, but more often I am engaging in a lifestyle, to use your word, that is heterosexual.

I do not believe that being bisexual (or having some kind of interest in both sexes) means that you need to have both sexes in your life to be happy and satisfied. Some disagree with this and desire both experiences from time to time. Many people do open up their relationships because they want to have same-sex experiences – or opposite sex experiences, if they’re already in a same-sex relationship. That can be a great way to find full satisfaction while still being able to build a sustainable long-term relationship.

The simple answer to your question is that I have no interest in being with another women just like I have no interest in being with another man. To me, desiring a relationship or an experience with a woman would be similar to desiring a relationship or an experience with another man. I’m simply not looking for other experiences and am satisfied with my hetero-monogamous relationship.

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  1. Having been a regular reader I admit i have had some confusing thoughts regarding your sexuality in the past.
    Now I have no doubt. I would say your man has a wonderful woman.

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