QUESTION: Can you see a woman fake orgasming?

Hey Lorelei, Never had sex before (T_T). I also prefer solo porn, but of late this has been bothering me: is it possible to tell whether a woman fakes an orgasm or not by whether you can see visible contractions/pulsing in the vulva/vaginal/perineum/anal area? It seems like you can, as I’ve noticed contractions accompanying orgasm much more so in amateur solo porn than in professional porn shoots (though they’re there occasionally). That is, the pro porn star seems to be acting out a scene within a certain time period, whereas within amateur porn, it seems like they’re just videoing themselves getting off. Physiologically, do contractions always accompany a woman’s orgasm? And if so, shouldn’t those be visible during (and within a certain time period) orgasm? Maybe I’m just shooting the breeze, that porn actors will do just that, act. Thoughts?

Great question!


Contractions do mark the female orgasm – but without the equipment scientists use to measure arousal, I find it unlikely that anyone would be able to tell if a woman was orgasming, or simply flexing those muscles herself.

I’ve written about fake orgasms in the past* – they’re a bad idea, by the way. But given that a lot of the physical results of an orgasm – being flushed, blood flow, heart rate, vaginal wetness, and vaginal contractions – can be misread or misinterpreted, it would be fairly easy to fake. This is especially true for professionals who take it upon themselves to give the audience the impression that they are enjoying themselves, even if that’s not always the case.

If you feel like you can’t enjoy the pornography because you’re being too critical of the performance – switch to some higher quality (or in some cases, lower quality) porn!

It is possible that those who are accustomed to faking would be able to spot the certain acting techniques of a faker, but I am not familiar with that craft, so you’ll have to watch the comments section if anyone has a say.

Hopefully any future partners you have will be open and honest with you and you can learn how to read your partners specific body language. As you have sex with someone you start to pick up on other factors associated with orgasms. How they tense up, the sounds they make, a flush or a phrase.

What do you think about fake orgasms?

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