Dusty and Sun Soaked

I’m back from a much too short camping weekend. The two of us, and two other couples, headed out to Odell Lake to take in some sunshine. It was my first camping trip in about five years and so sorely needed.

Odell lake, from our camp site.

Crater lake, a brief stop on day two.

No matter how often I leave, I am always so startled by what it does to my head. It clears out all the unnecessary gunk and refocuses me on what is important. Now that we have a tent, sleeping bags, a stove, and some fishing rods, we’re going to try to make this a more regular occurrence.

I hope that everyone had an equally enjoyable fourth this year, whether you were out partying, or at home relaxing. We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled blogging here tout de suite.

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