Submit Now: Ask Suggestive (Weekend Blogging Extravaganza)

My queue is empty. Short pause for the sadness.


This means it’s a great time to submit your questions or prompts to my blog. Haven’t submitted before? It’s really easy. Hit ask advice at the top of my page and I’ll answer your question on my blog.

What should you ask?

I primarily answer questions about

sex & sexuality

– sexual health

– sexual orientation

– kink and exploration

– problems in the bedroom

gender issues

– feelings about gender identity

– “doing” gender


– monogamy

– ethical non-monogamy (swinging, poly, open)

– cohabitation

– infidelity

– general relationship dissatisfaction

– general relationship satisfaction! 

I also enjoy answering questions about:

  • lifestyle (home, happiness, health)
  • college and education
  • psychology and neuro
  • book recommendations
  • gender/sex in the media

If you don’t have a question but just want me to write about a particular topic, that’s okay too! You can submit anytime you want, as many times as you want. Questions are usually answered within 1-2 weeks, but can be answered sooner if you note a particular urgency or time sensitivity in your post.

To make it really easy, I’m including a submission box in this post. It’s no different than the submission box at the ask advice page, but now you don’t have to make that strenuous extra click. – st

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