SALE: Friends For Your Genitals

Looking for something new to add to your nightstand?

These are on sale. But they’re also worth the full cost.

Feel free to click through for the actual images of the toys.

In the mean time, enjoy my personification of the common sex toy.

Cobra Libre $149.00 $126.65

A masturbation sleeve for men. And it vibrates, too!

Spring $85.00 $72.2

A waterproof, silicone, rechargable dildo. Basically everything you’d want in a standby toy.



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  1. Did you ever figure out a way to store/organize your toys? I feel like you were pondering this once but I don’t remember if you came up with anything.

    1. Hopefully I’ll have a post about that soon. I’m sorting out the ones I want to get rid of which should help the process.

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