Toy Watch: Double as Art

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a post about toys, which is a shame, because I think they deserve a seat at the adult table. Some toys can even take a permanent seat at the literal table by doubling as decoration or props around the house.

Hey, Sheila, nice art you’ve got there. Where did you get it?


Here are four new sexy items that you won’t have to worry about hiding when your friends come over.


Bliss Tips Wand Attachment – $28

I call this little buddy the “pink diver” because when you place him on a table it looks like a little man who has just dunked his head in the water. You can tell your friends as they sip on their fancy merlot that you found him at a modern art store on some fancy street they probably haven’t heard of.

This wand attachment can fit snuggly on your Magic Wand (Hitachi) and would be great for stimulating the deeper parts of the clitoris that aren’t exposed like the nub and the hood of the clit are.

Seasonal Suntouched Massage Candle – $16


Light this fragrant candle over a pleasant dinner party. Then when the guests leave slowly drip all the melted wax on your partner and massage their weary shoulders after a night of socializing.

Massage wax from candles like this generally burn at a lower temperature and won’t provide that burn other candle wax might if you poured it on someone. This might be a positive or a negative, depending on your personality.

Solo Vibrator – $139

3293.jpg 3293_3_add.jpg

Hey, what’s that shiny thing on your desk? Is that a new gadget I don’t have yet? I’ve got to know what it is! Oh, that’s just my portable iPhone charger / USB drive / pocket flashlight, man. It’s pretty sick.

These little vibes are great for clitoral stimulation. Made of silicone and metal, it’s super safe and non-porous. The small size makes it great for direct stimulation, which when we get down to it, is probably what you’re looking for with a vibe this size. It even comes with a little pouch. Y’know, to bring it with you in your bag. Everywhere.

Feather Tickler – $8


You wish you could hire a maid, but you can’t. You’re too poor for that shit. But you can buy your own feather duster and leave it hanging up somewhere near your kitchen. No one will question the thing – just don’t let them use it for dusting.

These feather tickles are fun for sensory play. You can draw them lightly around your partners body or tie them up and tickle them. Some people dig that, some people don’t.

Do you have any toys that are fun to look at, or easy to leave around the house without suspicion? 

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