Magazines, Gender, Sex and Race

I have a Vogue subscription on my iPad. On the library page you can see cover photos of all the recent issues. I thought this was a pretty decent representation of race and the problem of putting primarily white women on covers. Do you notice similar things in the magazines you read?


I also wanted to share this, something I found on Sex +

I’ve noticed the rapey culture of mens and women’s magazines (as well as some downright weird advice) but I’d never thought to pull quotes out like this before. It can’t be too surprising how people come to think certain things about sexuality when they are exposed to this kinda thing all the time.



The results (which are magazines and which are rapists) are [here](Also seen on Jezebel.)

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  1. This study really bugs me because it’s a false sort of logic. You can selectively quote Hitler to make him seem like a great guy, or selectively quote Gandhi to make him sound horrible. Especially when you start putting ellipses in there! Hell, quote #6 could be:

    “Filthy talk can be such a turn on for a girl, but make sure you have a conversation about what both of your are into and where your boundaries lie. Nobody likes to be shagged by a mouse, because they have tiny mouse penises and carry disease. A few compliments won’t do you any harm either, because everyone likes to hear how smart and strong and wonderful they are. But don’t go whipping out lines like “I bet you want it from behind, you dirty girl” unless she has told you that she is turned on by such language.”

    Obviously it’s probably not… men’s magazines ARE piggish and the bit about the mouse doesn’t make any sense. But the point is the same- the scientific rigor of that study is nil. Also, frankly? #3 doesn’t even bother me. Some women DO like anal for that reason, and that’s okay, as long as it’s consensual.

    Also how is it not STILL effing obvious which ones are rapists? They’re talking in first-person and have worse grammar and sentence structure. People are idiots.

  2. This is interesting but I don’t know that it proves much. When men talk with men we can be total pigs. Mine is bigger than yours and a lot of other BS. Lies about sexual antics that never occurred. Let a woman walk in and almost all the time things return to what passes for normal.

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