Sex Blogger Interviews!

I’m working on two series of interviews for my blog, to get new voices up here, and to share a new variety of perspectives.

The first series of interviews is going to be about Gender & Sexuality in the Workplace. I’ve already got 15-20 of my friends lined up to answer questions about their experiences in a variety of jobs. I’m really looking forward to sharing those interviews with you and looking closer at how gender plays a role in the career you choose or the job you currently lave.

The second series of interviews I want to do is about Sex Bloggers. That’s where you come in! Do you write about gender or sexuality in some capacity? It could be a steamy journal or a health-based educational website. Maybe you review toys, maybe you write about your experiences in your relationship. Whatever your blog might be, I want to interview you about it. I’m looking for a similar number of people, 15-20 people. It can be completely anonymous but I’m also happy to link to your blog on my site if you feel comfortable with that. I’m hoping to look closer at why people choose to write about things that are so controversial and taboo and what specific challenges they face in writing about it.

If you’re interested please use the form below to provide your information. You’ll hear back within a week or two if I am interested, with a set of starter questions to break the ice!

If you’re not interested, help spread the word!

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