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Fully stocked up on books again, here’s the stack that’s sitting on my table. Summer reading is awesome!

  1. the girl who fell from the sky – heidi w. durrow
  2. the firm – john grisham
  3. the vagina monologues – eve ensler
  4. rose madder – stephen king
  5. delta of venus – anaïs nin
  6. the visible man – chuck klosterman
  7. message in a bottle – nicholas sparks
  8. timeline – michael crichton
  9. zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance – robert m. pirsig
  10. the bell jar – sylvia plath
  11. she comes first – ian kerner

I’ve also had some inquiries as to other books I would recommend reading. I feel like I’ve written about that pretty recently re: sex/love but here are the books that I’ve read so far this year. In order of reading, too!

  1. Steve Jobs
  2. The Walking Dead I
  3. Hey, wait…
  4. Open: Love, sex, and life in an open marriage
  5. Damned
  6. The future of us
  7. Is everyone hanging out without me?
  8. Opening Up
  9. The Help
  10. The God Part of The Brain
  11. The Hunger Games
  12. Sacred Marriage
  13. Delusions of Gender
  14. On Writing
  15. Love in Abundance
  16. The Language of Flowers
  17. Room
  18. Sexual Intelligence
  19. Some Girls
  20. The Pagoda
  21. Book of Salt
  22. Funny Boy
  23. Stuck Rubber Baby
  24. Fifty Shades I, II, III
  25. The Defining Decade
  26. The Passion
  27. Just One Look
  28. Watchers
  29. Bag of Bones

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