how to keep sane in an insane (blogging) world

I write about some fairly controversial issues sometimes, but more than that, I write about issues that people have true personal opinions on. How I feel about sex is purely how I feel about sex, even if you do agree with me. I don’t write to change your perspective, I write to broaden your perspective. Unfortunately, the nature of humanity is to feel a bit threatened when someone comes in and clashes with you. Your own personal morals and viewpoints might feel threatened. I’m sorry if I have ever made anyone feel this way.

What is even more interesting than this though is the fact that we tend to follow along with people who make us feel this way. I know that I personally follow many christian blogs, parenting blogs, weddings blogs, and even some severely republican blogs. I think this is because it is more interesting to read things that I disagree with than things I agree with. It’s nice to have those people around, but all you ever really do is bounce back the same ideas and have fun agreeing with each other. It’s empowering, and slightly egotistical.

I follow these blogs, and I have to watch myself. Because I’m in their world and all I want to do is reach into the internet and shake them back and forth. Have you read my blog? You should. Go read my blog. And read these books. And watch these documentaries. And do this and do that and I’m going to have everything you have to say and counter it with everything I have to say and seethe and wither in the background of your blog, hating life. 

Not the point.

Every morning I read the news on various different websites because I think it’s good to get perspective. In the same way that I think it’s good to read various different blogs. But if you can’t do so without accepting that their reality is different than you’re reality, you’re going to hate yourself. You’re going to boil in disrespect. Read and consider what they have to say and understand why they think that way, but know that you can’t change it by force.

“Just as no one can be forced into belief, so no one can be forced into unbelief”

Freud might have been jacked up on cocaine, but he’s got some got some good stuff here and there.

And so will the people you think you’re fighting against.

So take a step back and consider the blogs you read, and the bloggers who write them. If it’s too difficult to read their blogs without raging, don’t read them. If you can read them and learn something new from them and be able to step back and evaluate their perspective, good on you.

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