Can coffee decrease your libido?

Someone asked me if coffee can decrease your libido. Instead of searching specifically for coffee I did some searching around for caffeine and its affects on the libido (sex drive) to see if there has been any research. I’ve done some searches before because I’ve been drinking excess amounts of caffeine for the majority of my life. In High School it was a couple cans of Mountain Dew every day, and now it’s several cups of coffee per day. What affect is that having on my sex drive? That’s what I really care about, right?

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there has been any real useful research done on the subject. In 2006 they did a study on rats and found that coffee could have some effect on arousal, but that you may only see a similar effect in humans who don’t¬†habitually¬†drink coffee… and only if they drank about 10 cups. For someone who isn’t a regular coffee drinker, ten cups is a lot.

Caffeine does constrict blood vessels so on that line of thinking I could hypothesize that perhaps it takes a bit longer for the blood to get flowing in the right places. If you get really hyped up on coffee it could also create some attention problems making it hard for you to focus on getting off. It might also make your breath smell bad, making you feel self-conscious about macking on your partner. I am pulling things out of my ass. I’m not a scientist. And I have no idea. I drink plenty of coffee. A good cup could probably get me off. I skew the data.

If anyone can find any reputable articles/papers/books that talk about caffeine and it’s affects on the human libido send them my way, I’d love to check it out.

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