common ground

One of my more well known stances is that I do believe there is common ground in the abortion debate. I believe that common ground (between people who label themselves pro-life or pro-choice) is sex education. If you give kids proper comprehensive sexual education from the beginning they will be more prepared to face their sexuality. They will know how to protect themselves properly, leading to -I imagine- a great reduction in unexpected pregnancies.

According to a news article I just read, China has more than 13 million known abortions each year. That, is a lot of abortions.

According to the article, nearly half the women having sex are not using any type of birth control. Is this because they aren’t able to get their hands on it, or because they aren’t educated in the proper usage? Either way, these are both things we can put a dent in by educating and supplying.

Hopefully China will now start educating at a younger age (those who are being educated about contraceptives and birth control are typically young married couples) and hopefully this will reduce some of those abortions.

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