Luxury Ring

A toy should never be seen as a purely female form of sexual entertainment or pleasure, nor should men be afraid to jump into the game. A favorite brand of mine, and probably yours, has introduced round two of their TOR couples rings, the LELO TOR II.  This ring is as the title suggests: absolute luxury.

We’ve done our fair share of ring testing in the past, from basic rubber rings to a stiffer silicone ring. In doing so we’ve found a few features that we value in a good ring.

First and foremost: It must be a ring that doesn’t put you into a panic attack when you slide it on. That means a ring that can be put on and taken off with relative ease. The TOR II looks stiff in form but allows for just enough stretch at the bottom for the toy to slide on. Don’t be brave though – I highly encourage you to line both the toy and penis with lubrication before wearing it. While it does have some stretch, it has significantly less stretch than you might expect or be used to.

Also important in a vibrating ring is a range of vibration. You’re going to want the option of the vibe, but without the overwhelming sensation that comes with a toy stuck on high. This toy does speeds right by having a plus and minus sign on either side of the head of the toy, allowing you to easily adjust while the toy is in use. (If you have larger fingers, these buttons might be more difficult to press and use with ease while in motion.) I enjoyed that the toy had a very low vibration setting so the feeling was not overpowering, but you could easily kick it up to high when the mood struck by holding down the button – or pressing it once or twice.

Lastly, and most importantly, the toy has to be comfortable. The LELO TOR II is made of that silky silicone which I wrote of with great fondness in past posts. It’s hard to use a toy made of anything else, and if you have the option not to… I wouldn’t. This silky feeling makes sliding on the toy and using the toy for a longer period of time much more enjoyable.

As with any new toy it can take some adjustment to learning how to use it best. The instruction manual (this is serious business) that comes with the toy suggests two ways of wearing the ring, this was seriously impressive as most toys do not include this information. As expected it shows that you can wear the ring around the back of the balls or just slid onto the shaft of the penis. (I always prefer around the balls, gets you the full effect!) Aside from keeping the penis erect, making it more sensitive, and providing a longer-lasting session, the vibe… Oh.

Remember that women cannot easily orgasm from penetration alone. This cock ring can provide an excellent aid in the process, with the head of the TOR II stimulating the clit during penetration. Play with your positioning – some may find cowgirl to be more pleasurable, some may find missionary or other positions to be more pleasurable. It’s all about what works best for your bodies once the toy is in use. Find that sweet spot where the toy can work as a clitoral stimulator to get full use of the toy!

To end with the beginning, I have to talk about the packaging. Opening this toy gave me the same excitement of sliding open the box of a new Apple Product. It was breath-takingly well put together and made the experience go far beyond what I expected. Nerdy, perhaps, but true. Outside of the storage box (which is worth keeping) the toy comes with a small black drawstring sack, a sample of moisturizing lubricant, and the charger for the toy. Yes, it’s a rechargable, silky smooth, waterproof cock ring. Made by LELO. Siiiigh. 

From the lelo official website: It is 60 x 42 x 22 mm, 30 grams, and 29mm in diameter. It has a use time of 2 hours, 90 day standby. —  It is also very, very quiet on the lower settings. Presumably much quieter than you will be.

This wonderful toy was provided by LELO for an honest review, and was well received! Thank you!