Ben Wa Balls: Home Run

I just bought ‘Icicles’ hand blown glass Ben wa balls by Pipedream in size small (1″). I put them in, but I don’t think I can feel them and they’re sitting up there pretty comfortably with no effort. Am I going to get anything out of this? :( I’ve never had kids so the lady at the shop said I should buy small ones, and these were the smallest they had. I bought them because during a recent cold I kept leaking a little when I’d cough hard, and it’s been happening a little during certain exercises, too. Plus I heard it can’t hurt my sex life. Any advice? Do I need smaller/heavier balls? Are they safe to have in during penetrative sex? Are there any concerns about them messing up condoms? Mine are smooth glass so I feel like there’s no danger of damaging a condom but I figured I’d ask.

It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong. I think that ben wa balls are something that just take a bit of practice. It’s normal that you wouldn’t feel them inside of you. It’s a little bit like putting in a tampon in that respect. When they are comfortably inside of you, you might be able to jostle them around a bit, but it’s not a persistent “I have something inside of me” sensation. The vaginal canal likely adjusted to accommodate them, just as it would for a finger, or a penis, or a dildo.

I would keep practicing with those in and if you find you want something a little more substantial, give that a shot as well. The glass balls are excellent – the ones I have are by Doc Johnson and are a bit bigger than that. LELO Luna Beads also come highly recommended.

I would not personally use ben wa balls during penetrative sex. Why? Because they take up space. Inserting anything in after them won’t be able to go as far. You also risk jamming the balls up against your cervix, which most people find uncomfortable or painful. I don’t see any risks necessarily, and I can’t see how they would affect the life of the condom. If you’re going to use the ben wa balls during sex I would advise using them as foreplay, or in conjunction with oral sex or anal sex. Otherwise I’d just use them as a solo activity when you’re running errands or sitting at home in front of the computer and then take them out prior to penetration.