Moving Past Suggestive

As I move towards finishing up my undergraduate degree I’m looking to pack up my blog and take it with me to the next adventures. In that process I’ve been contemplating changing the name of my site. I would still keep on suggestivetongue as a domain, but it would redirect to another name, and that is the site that I would use. As far as you’re concerned, not a whole lot would change. I’d still be here, hopefully focusing on my writing, and the new things I’m learning.

I started suggestivetongue about 8 years ago. I remember that I thought long and hard about a name. I’d blogged before and I knew that once you start blogging it’s hard to change. In many ways, suggestivetongue still represents who I am, and what I want to write about. In other ways, it doesn’t. When I started I thought the subjects I was writing about were provocative. That’s why I chose the name, because I wanted to¬†be suggestive.

Now I feel as though I’m coming at this from a different approach. I don’t think these subjects are necessarily suggestive anymore – I think that they’re normal, I think that they’re parts of our every day lives, and I want my writing to reflect that mentality. This isn’t suggestive anymore. It just is what it is.

Picking a new name isn’t an easy process. Again, I want something that will carry me through the next phase of my life. That could easily be another decade of writing. I want something that represents the open dialogue we’ll be having.

It will likely take a while for me to settle on a name but I’ll be checking in with you as I go through that process. Thanks for continuing to read, and thanks for following along on the journey.

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