What I Read in 2013

Every year I hope to read 100 books, and it’s a lofty goal that I haven’t yet been able to accomplish. You can view my list from last here here! Last year I read 67 books. This year I read 42 books. If I can finish the two I’m reading right now I’ll bump it up a couple but it’s not looking good. I suspect the reason for a lower number this year is that I’ve been reading a lot of other things throughout the day. I subscribed to the New York Times this year on my iPad which takes a lot of time to get through. I also was subscribed to the New Yorker for a while, which is a book in itself. Oh, and I read the uncut edition of The Stand… which I should be able to count as at least 5 books. Right?

I feel good about it. I’m looking forward to what kind of dent I can make next year. Same as last year, these are in order of when I read them throughout the year.

What did you read this year?

  1. the unbearable lightness of being – milan kundera
  2. may we be forgiven – a.m. homes
  3. what happened to sophie wilder – christopher r. beha
  4. the death of bunny munro – nick cave
  5. the graveyard book – neil gaiman
  6. from notting hill with love… actually – ali mcnamara
  7. duma key – stephen king
  8. this is how you lose her – junot díaz
  9. life after death – damian echols
  10. warm bodies – isaac marion
  11. the giver – lois lowry
  12. the return of desire: a guide to rediscovering your sexual passion – gina ogden
  13. just add hormones: an insiders guide to the transexual experience – matt kailey
  14. the shadow of the wind – carlos ruiz zafón
  15. anatomy of love: a natural history of mating, marriage, and why we stray: helen fisher
  16. fahrenheit 451 – ray bradbury
  17. catching fire – suzanne collins
  18. woman: an intimate geography – natalie angier
  19. reasons for moving: poems – mark strand
  20. nos4a2 – joe hill
  21. 20th century ghosts – joe hill
  22. veniss underground – jeff vandermeer
  23. inferno – dan brown
  24. the old man and the sea – ernest hemingway
  25. lean in: women, work, and the will to lead – sheryl sandberg
  26. proof of heaven: a neurosurgeons journey into the afterlife – eben alexander
  27. twittering from the circus of the dead – joe hill
  28. thumbprint: a story – joe hill
  29. 1984 – george orwell
  30. the spectacular now – tim tharp
  31. the fault in our stars – john green
  32. altered carbon – richard k. morgan
  33. the shining – stephen king
  34. save yourself – kelly braffet
  35. in the tall grass – stephen king
  36. the shining girls – lauren beukes
  37. doctor sleep – stephen king
  38. the 5 love languages: the secret to love that lasts – gary chapman
  39. me talk pretty one day – david sedaris
  40. enders game – orson scott card
  41. the circle – dave eggers
  42. the stand – stephen king

3 thoughts on “What I Read in 2013”

  1. Nice list! I am actually reading Kundera right now. I always try to hit 50 novels a year, and I’m usually able to. As you mentioned here though, I read a lot of literary journals and other things. Much of my reading time is put toward short stories or submissions for the journal where I work.

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