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Do you have any other blogs you’d recommend that are similar to yours in that they are a.) mildly personal, b.) easy to read (i.e. read like an actual blog, instead of like an online newspaper front page, where you have to dig around and click on 45348 different links to get to an article you want), and c.) offer really good advice and solicit questions?

That’s my favorite style of blog, too! Nothing like mixing a bit of personal experience with some valuable information. It helps make the ordinary just a little more interesting. At least I think so. First, I would recommend getting an application to read blogs in. Google Reader is an alright webapp for this. What you do is save all the links of the blogs you read in it, and they automatically update all in one easy-to-read-place. That means you don’t have to deal with the weird layouts some blogs have, or the sometimes bright pink and flashing neon 90s layouts. I use the app “reeder” on my mac and iPhone and it’s great for the price. It syncs with google reader if you want to use that as well, and tons of other apps like Pocket, Twitter, Pinterest, Instapaper…

A few of my favorite sex blogs are actually those of friends of mine. That’s probably why I like them the most, because I know all the people that write them. That said, a good writer can make you feel like you know them personally even if you’ve never met before. All of the top 100 from the past couple of years are in my reader though I tend to only read specific blogs that catch my eye. I guess if I had to pick two I would choose the beautiful kind and the swingers attic.

What do you think?

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