clockwork orange

Hey I saw you have a A Clockwork Orange poster or something of the sort — I was wondering your opinion on the movie, and if you liked it a lot — why or really what you think about it period. I watched it like 4 years ago but I guess I didn’t get it…my bf wants me to watch it again haha but anyway I was curious to hear your input about this movie since I enjoy reading about your views, opinions, etc. :)

Thanks! It’s actually my boyfriends poster, but it fit perfectly on top of our bookshelf in my living room. I actually didn’t see the movie until a couple of years ago, but I liked it a lot. I haven’t read the book yet so all I can really judge is the movie itself. But seriously, Malcolm McDowell? Meow. What an actor. If I’d seen it more recently I could give you more in depth thoughts. Thoughts on law and order, violence, psychology, behavior analysis, or even why exactly the movie was just so shocking and upsetting. Really all that I can say is that it affected me, and I think that is why I liked it so much. Any movie that can draw such strong emotions (while¬†simultaneously¬†being well filmed/written) usually wins strong scores from me. Even if I’m not so sure I want to feel those emotions again for a little while.

I always find that reading up about movies a little bit helps me understand them, though. If you’re thinking about watching the movie again maybe spend some time reading the wikipedia article or other general plot outlines online. Then be critical while you’re watching the movie to pick up themes. I’ve done this once or twice before for more difficult/deep/thick movies and it’s helped me appreciate them better. I wouldn’t recommend it for a first time watching a movie, but if it’s a re-watch there shouldn’t be too much harm done in spoiling anything for you.

If anyone has any strong feelings on the film, leave them in the comments. If anything comes up for me when I do end up watching it again, I’ll be sure to write about it.

One thought on “clockwork orange

  1. When my husband was just a guy I was dating this was the first movie he brought over for us to watch together. Needless to say I thought that was a strange choice for someone you don’t know that well lol. I need to watch it again though.

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