Ben Wa Balls

I’ve had a lot of searches lately from people looking up more information on Ben Wa Balls and how to use them, so here’s a little writeup.

Ben Wa balls are inserted into the vagina to exercise the kegel muscles. These muscles are great for all sorts of reasons, but at the top of my list are: 1. Intensifying Orgasms 2. Delaying Orgasms 3. Creating a Stronger Vagina.

1. Intensifying Orgasms

You’re just about to come. You’re on the verge. You can feel it building. And you start to flex your kegels. Doing so can help build up your orgasm just a little deeper. Think of it like pinching your nose when you’re about to sneeze but the sneeze keeps building up and then your sneeze is harder and more satisfying. It’s kind of like what. You can also play with flexing your kegels during your orgasm to help draw the orgasm out just a little longer, or even work yourself into a second round of contractions.

2. Delaying Orgasms

If you hold tightly as you are about to come and then back off (stop stimulating) this can help prevent an oncoming orgasm. It’s a little confusing to say it can both help you achieve an orgasm and delay an orgasm, so you’ll have to experiment with it a little bit to get a good feel of what’s what.

3. Creating a Stronger Vagina

This point references how fun it is to clamp down on a (male) partner when they are inside of you. Some women enjoy playing with their kegels during sex. One example would be having your partner penetrate you, not thrusting, and then just flexing your kegel muscles around them.

Here are some direct questions from searches:

1. Can you use ben wa balls during sex?

Yes you can, but you cannot use ben wa balls duringĀ penetrative sex. Ben wa balls make great foreplay because they can help get the vagina worked up/aroused/wet. They’re in there doing the job while you’re doing other things. But because you have something inside of you, a penis wont fit. You can tease yourself with just the tip, but trying to insert any more of the penis than that will likely be painful (depending on how big the balls are, and how many you have inside of you.)

2. How far should I put ben wa balls in?

You can’t lose ben wa balls – so don’t worry too much about that. When you put them in they may sit just at the opening or they may sink back into your vagina. It’s likely that you may have to work a little to get them out, unless you’re using ben wa balls with a string attached.

3. Can I leave them inside me all day?

I have heard of women leaving them in all day. I would recommend leaving them in for a few hours at a time and then taking them out. You should also be careful when going to the bathroom. Try going to the bathroom without any balls in you and then hold mid-pee. The muscles you use to stop urinating are your kegels. You’ll notice you use them a lot when going pee, and doing so could possibly flex the balls right out of you.

4. How do you get ben wa balls in?

Get the ball slightly wet – either with lube, or saliva. Then lay down and insert them in one by one.

5. How do you get ben wa balls out?

This is where being calm and patient can really help. Get on your knees in a crouching position and reach your hand under you. Stick your index finger and thumb (or any two fingers you can grab with) slightly inside your vagina until you can feel one of the balls. Then start working your kegel muscles to press the ball towards you. Don’t try to grab it, just keep pressing it closer to you. When it’s close enough that you can wrap your fingers around it, grab it out. You can also keep pressing until the ball is almost to the entrance of the vagina and then pop it out. If you have two balls in, the second ball will be deeper. Sometimes it can take longer and be more difficult to get this one out. Just keep flexing the muscles, make sure you’re in a good position for it to want to come out, and assist if you can by spreading the vaginal canal apart slightly with the fingers that are inside you.

6. How can I feel more with my ben wa balls?

You can get heavier or weighted ben wa balls. You can also get ben wa balls with a string attached and just use them when you’re at home.

7. Can I have an orgasm with ben wa balls?

Yep! You sure can. Some people enjoy the feeling of the balls in. Some double that fun sensation with other stimulation. Masturbation, oral sex, fingering…

8. What size ben wa balls should I start with?

My favorite ben wa balls are the glass doc johnson ones. I like wearing mine out of the house, so I’ve never used balls that are attached or balls with a big string. Go with what makes you most comfortable – you can always try something else at a later date!

6 thoughts on “Ben Wa Balls

  1. The basic rules on how to use Ben wa balls remains the same, and deals mainly with where the balls are inserted and how to perform muscle contractions. The use of Ben wa balls in recent times has even been advocated by gynecologists and obstetricians to increase control over urinary functions or vaginal contractility.

  2. Ok, so I just bought the magnetic Ben wa balls and I’ve got a question. Over time will the balls help me have an orgasm from penetrating sex? I have them from clitoral stimulation (during sex) but I can’t seem to get off from sex alone. Any replies would be great!

    1. It is not uncommon to not be able to get off from vaginal penetration alone – typically even with vaginal penetration women need some kind of clitoral stimulation to get off. Whether that be the two bodies grinding together, manual stimulation, vibrator, or some other form of stimulation. It is possible that the ben wa balls will help you grow greater control over your orgasms by giving you greater control over your kegel muscles. Learning how to flex them in tune with penetration can help build an orgasm – and help intensify an orgasm. I would play around with it for a while and see if you can notice any difference when flexing or not flexing during sex – as you start to use the balls on a regular basis. Don’t fret if you need clitoral stimulation to get off, though! That is perfectly normal, and no awards are given on being able to come without it. Just enjoy yourself.

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