Ben Wa, continued.

A while ago I wrote a post on Ben Wa Balls aptly titled: Ben Waahhhh. I wanted to write a follow up post to this, as my relationship with Ben Wa Balls has changed significantly since that body invasion. See, Ben Wa Balls are currently residing in my top three sex toys, right along with my Hitachi and (though a rotating favorite) my set of Cock Rings. How did the balls earn this coveted spot?

So where we left off I’m laying on my bed trying to dig into my vagina has far as I can to grab onto a slippery round object, that my vagina is eating alive. You learn a lot about your vagina in moments like this. All the little strange spots inside of you that you somehow didn’t expect to be there. It’s not just a smooth tunnel of loving, you see. And when I slid those balls in the first time, my vagina didn’t want them to leave. Eventually I did manage to slip them out, and I learned an important lesson. Well, rather I remembered. Ben Wa Balls are meant to strengthen your kegel muscles, and to remove the Ben Wa Balls, you must flex your Kegel Muscles. A lot. A lot a lot. And it wasn’t so much the having the balls in that was the exercise, but rather having to get them out.

Ben Wa Balls can be an excellent option for foreplay. You put them inside of you and leave them up there, as they slowly and silently stimulate you. If you put them inside of you before you go out (for dinner, or a date) you’ll be even more aware as you clutch on to them that you need to get some action. Not only to they keep you aware of your ever growing state of arousal, but they do help you gain strength in those muscles. Kegel muscles can be incredibly useful in grabbing your partners penis while he is inside you (if you’re in such a partnership) and it can be beneficial in growing more powerful orgasms, if you flex with the natural contractions of your orgasm.

So the balls are in. How do you get them out? It can be a slow affair, and it helps if you aren’t anxiety ridden like I was the first time. They can’t go anywhere, they’ll come out. What I’ve found easiest is getting on your knees and then hunching over. Then, stick your fingers up inside of yourself part way. Reach up until you can feel just the very edge of the ball – don’t press on it. Then start to flex your kegels. As you do so, feel with your finger if the ball is coming closer to you. If it is, continue this motion, Adjust your posture as needed to aid in the ball coming out. Be patient, and continue to flex your muscles as the ball comes out. When you feel like you’re able, you can work your fingers around the ball and pull it the rest of the way out. This can be difficult because they are round, slippery, and probably quite wet. If you try to grab onto the ball you might push it back in further.

If you put in both balls (a preference, because they knock into one another, and it’s fun) you’ll then have to get out the second one. This usually takes a little while longer since it is in deeper. I find that it’s helpful to slide your fingers up deeper and spread yourself to allow the ball to slide downwards slightly to the position that the first ball was in. Then continue with the flexing method. With practice you can flex both of the balls out without using your fingers. It is unlikely that the balls will just fall out on their own.

I use a set of doc johnson glass balls. You can also get exercisers that have strings at the end, where the balls are attached. This will allow you to more easily pull them out. There are even balls that are attached to a handle (almost similar to anal beads in appearance) which are even easier – though not convenient for wearing around.

8 thoughts on “Ben Wa, continued.

  1. Though a guy, and although you’ve no experience, I wonder if it would be similar to giving birth in terms of timing muscle contractions to ease them out.
    Would these be similar to what Anastasia Steele had in Fifty Shades?

  2. Lordy…I hope you are right. I am going to try your instructions now. Please wish me luck; I don’t want to be the one that shows up at the hospital for an emergency ben wa ball extraction!!! Jeez! Oh, and by the way, what size balls do you use? I could hardly even feel mine when they are inside me and I can’t feel at all the one that is now suctioned cupped to my uterus!

  3. I’m not sure why these comments never got responded to, unless I wrote up responses in a different post and forgot about it already. But for future readers I’ll respond here as well. @Horia: Having increased control over your kegels could certain assist in squirting, in addition to clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Flexing your kegels can help make your orgasms much more intense, which could be what helps push some women over the edge here as well. @ Interested: Yes I imagine it is somewhat like that, although I’ve not given birth so I can’t personally attest to it. They are essentially the same toy although iirc the ones in the book have a string so you can easily pull them out. @ Michelle: Glad the post helped and you were able to get them out! I can’t really “feel” mine when they are in me, but the way they stimulate the inside feels good. The size I’m not sure about, but they are the glass Doc Johnson balls and I don’t think that there are more than one size of those available. They are a pretty standard ben wa ball size.

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