Lelo Insignia Tiani

A friend of mine picked herself up a Lelo Insignia Tiani and kindly offered to do a review for my blog. Thanks @Steampunkvixen ! 

In the past year, I have developed quite an extensive collection of toys. I have collected so many different types of toys recently that it has become a source of entertainment and humor to some of my close friends. Jokes at the expense of my sex life and how I must be looking for that extra something to truly satisfy me (purely in jest) have become common place in my apartment. That said, the minute I am alone with one of the afformentioned friends, the first thing out of their mouth is “Ok, so which one is your favorite.” “Where should I start?” “How the hell is that thing supposed to work?”

I have the luxury at the moment of having some disposable income and due to this I feel that I have the duty to empart my knowledge of my spendy collection of orgasmic goodies on to those looking for the perfect toy without the ability to spend wantonly the way I tend to. I tend to have luck when it comes to finding toys that are lacking in the cons column. (I would have to say, suggestive has had quite the influence in helping me in that arena.) And so I have been wanting to write a review for this blog but have been trying to find the perfect toy to showcase. Something new and exciting.
That said, I recently picked up a toy that looks really good on paper. Like, really good. Suggestive and I were Interneting when she showed me this new toy. This incredible new idea that looked like so much fun. The YouTube video is ridiculous, the concept was intriguing, and I had to have it. I’m talking about the Lelo Insignia Tiani, Lelo’s new sense motion sex toy.

Now, if you haven’t seen the video, stop. Watch this. Seriously. I’ll wait. It cracks me up!

I got the toy in the mail, pulled it out, and showed my roommate. We tilted it, shook it, (laughed at the idea of shaking that remote around in the bedroom) and then had to play the waiting game because, like most fun toys, it needed to charge before it could be put to it’s actual use.

Before I get ahead of my self, let me backtrack. I should start off by saying that I give this toy two ratings: The first rating is for the toy as a wireless vibrator; and the second for what I was told by an employee at my local sex toy shop (that it doubles as a WiVibe style toy).

When I finally got to play around with this toy, I was suuuuper excited. I love wireless toys. The idea of having a secret between you and your partner in public like that is such a turn on. This one proved to be even quieter than most I had used and the lack of an illuminated screen on the remote made it even more discreet. The range on it is pretty standard and the vibrations are strong! It fits inside of you wonderfully and I have to say, as a foreplay peice, this is an ideal toy. The hook that rests on your clit is the perfect addition to what I find lacking in most wireless toys. It isn’t immobilizing, but honestly, who wants to be walking down the street or sitting down to dinner and suddenly gripped by a such a startling orgasm that you end up leaning on the wall with that look on your face? I much prefer the subtle, building wave that comes from this toy. Much more discreet, just as fun.

The remote has a few different settings for whatever works in the moment. The shake setting is just sensitive enough that your partner can put it in his or her pocket while walking and produce just enough vibration to keep you tagging along, afraid to get outside of range and the fun to stop. The setting in which you turn the remote to create a variety of vibrations allows your partner to leave the settings on high at a simple flick of the wrist, or to tease between fast and slow with minimal effort. It can be a tad bit inconsistant with which angle gives which vibration, but it is forgivable in my opinion, since that is really the only thing I can find wrong with it. Everything about this toy works practically perfectly as a wireless, night on the town toy.

5 out of 5 stars in my opinion.

The only down side, the price. As a wireless toy alone, dropping over $100 is a hard lump to swallow.

The real problems came later. If you are familiar with the WiVibe toy, you can see how this toy and the WiVibe look incredibly similar. It would be easy to make the mental leap and try to use this as a second type of toy. I believe that is what the woman at my local sex shop did. I have yet to try the WiVibe. It is on my list, but sadly I haven’t had the opportunity to get my hands on one. But I sincerely hope that it far outshines the Tiani. All the pluses of the toy go out the window the moment intercourse is introduced. The interface that allows you to change what types of movement you use becomes cumbersome when you are other wise occupied. The hook that was so pleasurable during the foreplay was down right painful and the vibrator itself was large and overbearing. I ended up becoming frustrated and throwing the toy across the bed in order to just enjoy myself instead of figuring out the exact right position that the remote should be in and what sexual position felt the best, not great, but ok, with the vibrator…

Blahblahblah I just want to fuck!!

That said, with other people, body types, and perhaps a little more patience (I had been worked up while we tested the first part of the toy and, goodness knows, I tend to lose a lot of my self control at that point) I feel like the toy could potentially used during more than just foreplay. I personally didn’t find it pleasurable or worth the time to try a second time but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. For that reason I won’t give it anything less than 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Overall I love the idea of the Tiani. The new technology is genius and the shape of the toy is perfect. However, as a review on the edenfantays website says:

The Insignia Tiani may be the sex toy of the future with its SenseMotion technology and wireless function, but the technology itself isn’t perfect. The exquisite design is impeccable and the vibrations are powerful, but […] If you want to wait until the technology is perfected, that’s fine, if you want to see what a SenseMotion/wireless toy is like, the Tiani is a great place to start.
— Foxxy Kitty

If you have an extra bit of cash to throw on something fun for yourself, I suggest the Tiani. If you’re looking for something a little more versatile and a little less hard on the wallet, pass this one up, wait for version 2.0, play around with some of your own wish list items and maybe give the rest of us your thoughts? I could always use more toy recommendations.

This post was not sponsored by EdenFantasys or Lelo, but I think I can speak for the both of us when I say they come highly recommended!

What do you think?

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